PHOTOS: Photographer Proves That Mushrooms Are Beautiful Too with Unique Fungi Arrangement

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( Source: My Modern Net)

When it comes to nature, there’s beauty in everything but an unassuming subject would definitely be fungi. Artist, Jill Bliss or better self-described as the “modern nomad of the Salish Sea” has created a striking and colourful mushroom arrangement in her unique series of “Art Medley”.

(Source: My Modern Net)

Bliss, who resides in the Pacific Northwest in an area that’s rich in radiant biodiversity, takes her pictures during her morning walks. According to My Modern Net, Bliss arranges her collected mushrooms, fungi and flora of different shapes, colours and sizes into beautifully balanced polychromatic clusters.

( Source: My Modern Net)

Also, each arrangement in the Art Medley series presents a colour scheme and theme that’s one of a kind as it’s arranged from matching the hues and muted tones of colours.

( Source: My Modern Net)

When it comes to Fungi, it can be quite overlooked by people compared to flowers which are more admired. It’s great that Bliss is taking a whole new take on this series by highlighting the beauty of the outdoors and nature.