PHOTOS: Hermès Releases RM170,000 Luxury Mahjong Set Made Out of Leather & Wood

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(source: Harpers Bazaar HK)

Mahjong, the fast-paced, rummy-style game in which four players attempt to form sets of three or four matching or sequenced tiles, is hugely popular not only across Asia but around the world. Due to its omnipresence, a French high fashion luxury brand decided to create their own Mahjong set!

According to Next Shark, Hermes is now offering the Birkin of all mahjong sets that comes up to roughly RM1,297 per tile, or RM107,000 for a full set.

Named the Helios mahjong set, the tiles are printed in Swift calfskin, a calf leather that is valuable due to its soft and fine texture. Unlike the usual white and green, the brand’s set is made of solid palisander wood, in the colour ebene – a deep and dark brown.

Another feature is that the tiles knock gently against each other when shuffled, emitting a delicate sound as compared to the traditional loud “clack” of crashing tiles. Although the sound won’t be as satisfying as the traditional set to the ears of old-school Mahjong players, the tradeoff is in the texture of leather and wood, plus the Hermes branding – which will be enough to earn your atas uncle or aunty’s approval.

Take a look:

For those of you who are willing to splurge, you can expect the luxurious set to be delivered in a crafted wood case with leather handles which will be put inside an orange box and tied with a Bolduc ribbon. The set also comes with four dice and score-keeping sticks in the same wood material for an extravagant mahjong experience.

The Helios mahjong set can be ordered through Hermes’ official site.