PHOTOS: Get Your Perfect Jalur Gemilang Photo-Op at The Stunning Bukit Taisho

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Since Malaysia Day is coming up, why not hike up to the beautiful Bukit Taisho for a quick getaway to lift your patriotic spirits?

Located roughly two hours away from Kuala Lumpur by car, this scenic hill in Negeri Sembilan is surrounded by bamboo-based structures and dozens of Jalur Gemilang flags to celebrate Malaysia’s national independence month.

Definitely, perfect for anyone looking to dazzle up their Instagram feed with some #MalaysianPride!

Reconnect with nature as you walk through the beginner hill which passes an oil palm plantation that is filled with floral landscaping and even art installations. At the top, you’ll be met with a stunning carpet of clouds (if you’re lucky), Instagram-worthy spots and even a place to lepak!

Take a look: 


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(source: Pokok Kelapa)
(source: Pokok Kelapa)
(source: Pokok Kelapa)
(source: Pokok Kelapa)
(source: Pokok Kelapa)
(source: Pokok Kelapa)

According to Utusan Malaysia, the Deputy Chairman of the Bukit Taisho Travel Club, Alwi Alias said that everything started in 2017 when the location became viral on social media and was visited by the netizens almost every week.

“What is more interesting – not only does the three landowners of the hill who are from Tionghua descent, gave permission for anyone to come to visit for free but they also support beautifying the hilltop.

“In more than three years, about RM10,000 funds from club members as well as individual contributions were used to provide various attractions and decorations at the top of Bukit Taisho such as huts, seats, and even hammocks,” he said recently.

Alwi also stated that plans were made to build another site based on traditional Malay characteristics but it had to be postponed as MCO is still in order.

Apa lagi? Get your hiking shoes on ’cause Malaysia Day plans are all sorted out!