5 Things To Do in Genting Highlands Besides Hitting-Up The Indoor Theme Park

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When you think of Genting Highlands, the first thing that comes to mind is the chilly-cold weather and playing dress-up with your three layers of clothes. It is also popularly linked to housewives and retirees hoping to score a windfall in the resort destination’s casinos. After exploring the indoor theme park for the umpteenth time this year, one would think, “Apa lagi nak buat dekat Genting ni?

Of course, there’s the Genting Premium Outlet where you can shop ’til you drop but in this economy? We’re saving up that coin, gurl! Other than that, the unbeatably relaxing cold weather that we seldom get to experience makes it pretty likely for us to want to drive up there with some friends or our S/O for some peace of mind. But what else?

Recently, JUICE was invited to stay the night at The Grand Ion Delemen hotel located in the heart of Genting and surprisingly – there’s so much to do there! The hotel is nestled within the Titiwangsa Mountain Range, as it sits 6,000 feet above sea level and is surrounded by one of the world’s oldest rainforests.

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Fun fact, the hotel made its way to the Malaysia Book of Records as the highest altitude full-fledged serviced apartment. Once there, you will literally be at the top of Malaysia! With its hazy mountain views and relaxing atmosphere, it is unmatched by city living – trust.

You can tell that it’s a hell of a place to relax, but if you’re up for some activities, here’s five things that you can do:

1. Nibble on The High-Tea Sets at Fairy Tales Cafe

The flower-themed cafe that is open daily from 1pm to 11pm, is located on the 7th floor. Step into a fairy tale fantasy as the cafe is set-up with picnic realness and a signature floral wall where you can take super cute #OOTD shots for the ‘gram! It’s cosy and there’s even a separate corner decked with photo props and a swing if you need you to spice up those pics.

As for the high-tea sets, the cafe serves up to three choices that are savoury, sweet or a mix of both. The mushroom bruschetta and the smoked salmon quiche deserves a chef’s kiss! As for the sugary treats, definitely try out the scones that are accompanied by fluffy clotted cream and yummy raspberry jam.

Check out the full menu, here.

2. Be Adventurous With The Flying Fox, Rock Climbing & Challenge Courses

Located just outside the main hotel entrance, the challenge course is placed directly at the side of a hill where you can experience some fun with a breath-taking mountain view. This is perfect for you and your adventure-loving friends since there’s a flying fox, rock climbing wall and small challenge courses.

Don’t get us wrong, it may be a bit small, but it’s hella fun to tackle! All of this for only RM30 per person y’all, so you won’t be breaking your bank.

Your excitement and thrill will know no bounds as you zoom on the flight! For more outdoor activities, the hotel also provides jungle trekking and nature walks for all you nature-loving hippies who wanna be one with nature.

3. Up for a dare? Try the Spicy Chicken Wings Challenge @ Hugo’s In The Sky

For a more boujee affair accompanied by easily some of the most impressive panoramic views you’ll find in any restaurant in Malaysia, Hugo’s in the Sky all but takes your breath away as soon as you step into its shiny interior.

With an equally impressive menu, you’ll find a variety of Mediterranean fusion meals with premium-grade meat, seafood, pizzas, paella and pasta.

(source: Gloria Hotels)

But if you’re in for something more exciting, the spicy chicken wing challenge is where it’s at! First of all, yes it’s spicy but on God – it’s super delicious. Made with cili padi and chilli powder among other ingredients, the wings are paired with a small portion of sour cream that balances out the spices.

Don’t worry about sweating too much because remember, the weather is perfect for this type of meal.

4. Unwind at the Indoor Heated Pool

Swimming pools are tremendous fun for people of all ages. On holiday, swimming pools can act as the focal point, helping to keep the children entertained, cooling us down when it’s hot outside or in this case, the exact, steamy opposite.

After a whole day of activities and yummy meals, it’s time to unwind and maybe do some back floats in the indoor heated pool. What makes this pool so unique is that it is heated up to 30 degrees! It’s not too hot to the point where it’s like a kolam air panas, but it’s just the right amount of warmth to deflect the 11 degree weather outside.

For some Insta-shots, there are cute floats available for rent and if you need a quick snack, you can hop over to the nearby Oasis Pool Bar. By relaxing the body and mind, swimming in warm water is good for easing away the stresses and strains of living and can be great for your mental well-being.

5. Eat Your Heart Out at the Nasi Lemak Buffet @ Kembali Kitchen.

Who doesn’t love a good breakfast where you’re spoiled with all the nasi lemak choices in the world? The Nasi Lemak Buffet features hybrid nasi lemak dishes as well as an incorporation of special state recipes like the Nasi Lemak Rendang Ayam Kuala Kangsar or Rendang Kerang Batu Pahat.

Among all, the nasi lemak burger and nasi lemak pizza are the limelight of this spread. There’s even a nasi lemak ice cream (weird flex, but okay) which is made from lemongrass and coconut milk. Nasi lemak condiments are available to be sprinkled on top, including sambal, peanuts, eggs, anchovies and cucumbers, depending on how adventurous you’re planning to be.

The buffet features a starter station where you can discover locally-inspired appetizers such as Pulut Kuning Berlapis Sambal Bilis and Hati Ayam with Kacang Buncis, which is a rare find, especially at buffets. Now, this is how a nasi lemak frenzy should pan out!

* This Nasi Lemak Buffet will only be available on August 31, September 1 and September 14-15

Now that you know what you can get into when you’re up in Genting, time to book all these activities!

For more information, visit their website, here.

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