Photos: Big Politicians Reimagined As Pimps In Pink

You can’t deny that all politicians look the same, it’s like they only know how to dress up in the same damn dull attire. We know that their outfit choices obviously come in hand with their career, but maybe spice it up a lil’ bit? We’re lowkey tired of the same grey suit and brown shoes that they sport daily. Bored of the stale looks, an artist from Ohio named Scott Scheidly decided to take up this task and instead of just styling them for a bit, he took it up another level – a level on crack.

Scheidly’s series The Pinks makes politicians look like they are all big daddies of a famous ratchet brothel. Not to mention everything is in the colour pink, of course! In the words of the artist himself, this series “explores the cultural and social implications of colour and symbology and how the predefined notions that accompany these perceptions can alter one’s identity and subsequent world view.” Scheidly depicts either hyper-masculinised or historically infamous figures and mocks them using social/sexual satire.

Scroll down to get a good laugh:













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