Pet Conspiracy: Conspirators of the Zany

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Pet Conspiracy consists of famous electronic producer Huzi, the lead singer of band Ziyo, Helen Feng, Italian indie musician Edo, and popular designer Yun Yun who does the backing vocals. The Impressive roster first had them listed as being a unique electro super band, but their reputation preceded them and in one short year, Pet Conspiracy gained attention locally and internationally. They’re known for their over-the-top performances that blend punk rock antics, disco beats, new wave melodies, and chaotic artistic flair. Find out what they think is the biggest conspiracy ever and how excited they are for Future Music Festival Asia

How did Pet Conspiracy come about?
Pet Conspiracy was born in 2007 as something we wanted to do for fun but ended up being a serious thing a couple of years after that without us even realizing that. Along those years that we played music for fun, we started our own production with the help of our friends and fellow musicians. Their involvement helped to keep us sane and grounded.

Do you guys all have your own pet?
Sure, we have cats, dogs, fish, roaches and other little things who decided to crash in our flats. Sometimes, we are not quite sure which species they belong to but we love them anyway. A couple of years ago, we even used to have a pet-crab, but during our European tour, a friend of ours, who was supposed to take care of our pets, got too hungry and decided to eat him; the poor thing.

What do you think is the best animal to have as a pet aside from the usual cat, dog and fish?
Lord Nibbler?

What do you think is the biggest conspiracy to hit the world right now?
The 2012 apocalypse; it’s the perfect scare tactic!

What have you guys been up to lately? Any new projects in the pipeline?
Right now, we are mainly focusing on producing new material. We will be coming up with a disco version of Pet Conspiracy soon. We’re also planning on two new European tours in spring and summer and then, only God knows. We’re last minute people!

How excited are you guys to be playing at the first Future Music Festival in Asia?
We’re super excited!  We played at the Annexe Gallery last year in Kuala Lumpur and the response of the audience was amazing. We love to play for the KL people and we’re also very excited to share the stage with huge icons such as The Chemical Brothers!

What are some of your festival tips that you can share with the readers?
Never go to public toilets after 9 pm, it is a bad world out there.

Do you have any funny/weird festival experiences to share with us?
We have plenty! Every time we go on tour, some little drama comes along. Like when we were in Hangzhou for instance. Our manager suddenly decided to transfer our gig to the main stage and we had to run 1 km under heavy rain, holding tons of equipment, and completely covered by mud. When we were in Oslo a (luckily fake) fire alarm blared out to evacuate our hotel and little Fiona, not understanding a word of what the recorded voice was saying in English, turned the other side and  quietly fell sleep again, while the rest of the band was downstairs freezing in our underwear.

Want to say anything to your fans out there?
Keep on being so wild, we really, really like that!

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