Perfume Genius: Put Your Back N 2 It

Mike Hadreas, here known by his odd stage name Perfume Genius, is not afraid to share the trials and tribulations of being a problem-addled homosexual in a bigoted world. On sophomore album Put Your Back N 2 It, Hadreas still addresses past traumas that range from addiction to physical and mental abuse. But unlike its predecessor, Learning, the sophomore sees a silver lining in a perennially darken cloud.

To accentuate this, the lo-fi production of Learning is replaced with hair-at-the-back-of-your-neck raising studio production. The warm and expansive ambiance works well with Hadreas growth as a songwriter, we wouldn’t be surprised if the songs would turn liberals out of bigoted conservatives.

LISTEN TO: ‘Dark Parts’ ‘Floating Spit’
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