‘Wednesday’ Fans Demand Percy Hynes White Removed From Cast Due To Allegations of Sexual Assault

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source: Popternative

The Netflix-hit Wednesday has recently been renewed for a second season, however, one of its lead cast members may not be returning. 

Percy Hynes White, who plays Xavier Thorpe, has been accused of sexual assault by multiple women. Formal charges have not been filed yet, however, the allegations against White are incredibly disturbing.

A Twitter thread was created yesterday by user @milkievich where she and multiple other women revealed the true character of White. The thread has garnered over 35,000 likes and 10,000 retweets as of writing.

The first tweet to the thread is down below.


To summarise the thread, user @milkievich claimed that White and his friends had a reputation in Toronto for being rude, manipulative, and abusive to girls beginning around the age of 15. 

As they became older, things allegedly worsened and White began hosting parties with his friends, inviting girls with the purpose of getting them drunk enough to sexually assault them. 

She continued by saying that while White was between the ages of 17-20, the girls he and his friends abused were only between the ages of 13-16. Additionally, she said that he had cornered and attacked her at one of these gatherings and that he was the subject of rape charges. 

Furthermore, she claims that White would also use derogatory language and attempt to bully women who turned him down.


Other Twitter users have come forward with further accusations against White to support @milkievich’s account. The thread has numerous retweets and comments from women who have also made similar accusations, with screenshots of frightening tweets and direct messages sent to them by White – confirming the original poster’s claims.

As of now, White has not publicly responded to the allegations, but there seems to be evidence that he is aware of them. Shortly after the allegations were made and went viral, he restricted comments on his public Instagram account. 

It’s possible that White will make a statement soon since he most likely will not be able to ignore the mounting accusations for much longer.

Additionally, it is too early to say whether White will be dropped from Wednesday, and Netflix has not yet responded to the accusations.