Penang Hotel Manager Waves ‘RM3’ Sign By The Roadside In Desperate Attempt To Keep Business Afloat

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source: Bernama

As the hotel and tourism sector struggles to keep afloat during this pandemic, hotel manager Jeffry Lim stands on the roadside and shouts “tiga ringgit, tiga ringgit” at passersby and vehicles.

Lim holds a placard that reads ‘RM3’ and stands outside the Red Rock Hotel along Jalan Macalister in Penang, the hotel he runs, with chefs and hotel workers preparing food as a normal hawker would.

“This is actually to help the staff, help the hotel to survive during the Covid-19 time”

source: Bernama

“We have to depend on the hotel to survive. We cannot depend much because there is nothing much from the government for the hotel industry,” he told Bernama.

The tourism sector has been put to a halt, many hotels have close their doors since the Movement Control Order started last year. So Lim decided to sell food to the public to keep the business going.

Some of the menu items include chicken rice, duck rice, fried kuey teow, prawn noodles and fried rice.

source: Bernama