Melaka Zoo Animals Have Been Mating More Often During MCO Since Visitors Aren’t Around

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Apparently, the solution for zoo animals to mate more often is for us humans to give them more privacy. Who knew they didn’t like an audience?

The Melaka Zoo has been abnormally quiet since MCO started but the new tranquil atmosphere is very much welcomed by all the animals that reside there.

According to zoology unit head, Azman Ghazali, the calm environment bereft of intrusion by human visitors has caused the animals to be more interactive with one another. He observed that animals now act freely as opposed to their shy demeanour whenever humans were around. It’s almost like we’re the animal kingdom’s biggest cockblock.

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The change in behaviour was most apparent in a group of six black panthers. In fact, this period will mark history for Melaka Zoo if one of the female panthers is impregnated and gives birth at the zoo.

The zoo has not witnessed a black panther birth despite their efforts for the past 12 years to preserve the species. Now, hopes are at an all-time high. According to Azman,

“My hope is for the two (couples) to have healthy cubs so that after this we can design a programme to release these members of a valuable species into their original habitat. The chances for the female panther getting pregnant are high because the animal caregiver is more focused on making observations, preparing a nutritious diet, providing a better play area as well as being able to make preparations for the birth. ”

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Other species also show potential for breeding due to the uninterrupted environment. For example, parrots, which are among the main attractions of the zoo since there are more than 20 species available, also show this potential.

Most times, the macaw species need a calm atmosphere to incubate their eggs and if they feel disturbed by visitors, they would leave their nests, causing the egg to not hatch.

During the MCO, despite the zoo being closed, a total of 40 trained animal keepers are still on-ground to ensure the safety, health and overall well-being of the animals. Since visitors aren’t allowed, these keepers have gotten the chance to learn more about each species as well as find ways to strengthen their bond with them.

Maybe they’ll be able to shed some insight on Cinta Kura-Kura while they’re at it.