Mano Thevar: The Penang-Born Chef Who Crafts Unique Dishes Meshed With Carlsberg Smooth Draught

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We get it- sometimes you lounge on your sofa feasting on a mouth-watering spicy meal and think, man, I need a cold beer to wash this down. Sometimes you crave a fine dining experience that’s not limited to expensive wines and whiskeys.

Perhaps you just want to try something new, and coincidentally happen to be a beer enthusiast.

I’m not saying you were destined to stumble upon this article, but if it seems like kismet already, then you should probably read on. 😉

Lucky for you, Mano Thevar, a Malaysian Michelin-starred chef probably had the same ideas- furnished with the will and talent to bring them to life.

He’s no stranger to incorporating the mellow tones of alcoholic liquids into his culinary inventions…

And through a recent collaboration with the esteemed Carlsberg beer company, the soft-spoken cook brought us a spin on traditional dishes that paid tribute to his culture and individuality, while presenting to us the classiest, coolest way to get a beer fix.

His innovative meals were out in all their glory for guests to taste with a Carlsberg in hand at an event that took place last week, which we had the pleasure of attending. Yes, we’re flexing subtly.

The event promised us a Real Spicy, Real Smooth experience- and delivered just that. Combining the most cutting-edge contemporary Indian food with its unique invigorating brew made for one explosive evening of gourmet bliss, celebrating a fellow Malaysian at the helm of the project.

Now lets get into the tantalizing, tender, highly-Instagrammable four-course spread.


The occasion commenced with a sweltering flair, where diners were teased with feathery naan bread, alongside a smooth, citrusy butter infused with Carlsberg Smooth Draught.

The guests’ tastebuds were then further ignited with a serving of Beetroot Chaat, Maitake Mushroom Samosa, Chettinad Chicken Taco or Vindaloo Jackfruit Taco as a vegetarian option (yes, it tastes just as good, if not better).


We were then greeted with what was arguably the most unique blend of the night- Hokkaido scallop sitting atop a helping of coconut sothi and nelika topped with a nutty, brine-filled oscietria caviar.

The word ‘appetizer’ itself says it all. Our palates were bursting with piquancy, keeping us on the edge of our seats in anticipation of what was next to come.

Plus, the entirety of the dish is edible, even the lilac petals that look too pretty to eat. Chef Thevar himself recommended taking complete spoonfuls of the dish, not leaving out a single element of his masterful concoction.


The main course encompassed Lamb Burra Kebab, Snapper Coconut Chutney, and Cauliflower Malabar.

We had the lamb option, which came with a side of potato masala, herb chutney and pepper-fry lamb belly.

The dish fused with Carlsberg Smooth Draught almost seamlessly, leaving us with a mouthfeel of zest and a tasteful dash of malty goodness. It’s difficult to decide whether to chase down the steamy flavours with a quick additional swig of beer, or let it linger on your tongue for just a little longer.


The Rasmalai and Carlsberg Smooth Draught ice cream were the most unassuming duo of all, as Thevar managed to do the impossible- elevate the flavour profile of a traditional Indian dessert.

Without compromising its popular smooth texture, the dish is enveloped around what he calls a ‘saffron cloud’. The flakes of gold added to the finesse of it as well, giving it an almost royal feel.

At this point, we did expect the evening to be concluded with a mind-blowing sweet treat, but the rich, creamy tang paired with earthy undertones of beer was just absolutely brewtiful.

Stefano Clini, the Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia, passed mindful comments and heaps of praise towards the chef throughout the evening, expressing his pride as he engaged Thevar in a photography session whereby they raised a bottle in a toast to the successful event, and to Thevar’s accomplishments in general.

A humble Thevar also stated that he finds inspiration in everything he does and sees, describing that the flavour-pairing process was just as stimulating as it was thrilling.

For more details on the Carlsberg-Thevar collab as well as the latest updates and promos, head over to the Carlsberg Smooth Draught website.