WATCH: M’sian-Indian Musician Works Wonders With His Veenai, From Local Music To Metallica!

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Kabbil Raaj.

Kabbil Raaj is currently, among other things; a music composer, arranger, teacher and performer. He’s a self-proclaimed “musician by heart, mind and soul.”

He also handles recordings, hosts veenai and keyboard classes, and does live gigs.

One of Kabbil’s most remarkable skills is his seemingly effortless talent at creating the most harmonious melodies on a traditional Indian musical instrument called the veenai.

It’s a guitar-like item that comprises various chordophone instruments from the Indian subcontinent, similar to the sitar, but the two differ in their style of making and play.

The composer has also worked with esteemed musically-inclined Malaysians such as Punitha Raja and Dhilip Varman.

Before we get on with it, let’s take a look at some of Kabbil’s most versatile, patriotic, Tiktok-viral covers:

@kabbilraaj Sudah Prepare ke Untuk Raya? @blackpepperrecords @tiktok #ramadan #hariraya #kabbilraaj #fyp #veena #tiktokmalaysia #trend ♬ original sound – Kabbil Raaj

@kabbilraaj KGF 🔥 @blackpepperrecords @tiktok #kgf #kabbilraaj #fyp #trend #keyboard #tiktokmalaysia ♬ original sound – Kabbil Raaj

@kabbilraaj Chinese New Year Gong Xi Fa Cai @blackpepperrecords #gongxifacai #kabbilraaj #fyp #trend #veena #tiktok_malaysia #chinesenewyear ♬ original sound – Kabbil Raaj

Think those are cool? Check this out.

@kabbilraaj METALLICA 😎 🤟@blackpepperrecords @tiktok #metallica #kabbilraaj #fyp #veena #tiktokmalaysia #trend ♬ original sound – Kabbil Raaj

His songs, loved and appreciated nationwide, have made their way into becoming Tiktok audios as well. He has garnered nearly 146,000 followers on the app at the time of writing.

His most viral video thus far has been his cover of Madu Tiga.

His covers are not limited to rock and local classics, either. He’s also performed renditions of Gangnam Style, the Pink Panther theme song and Happy Birthday, just to name a few.

On his profile, he also generously shares his vast musical knowledge- with videos featuring tips and tricks to playing the veenai and keyboard.

And that’s not all- Kabbil has also composed music of his own, unique melodies that perfect portray his talent as a passionate musician with lyrics that are equally enchanting.

His recent project, entitled Unarnthen Naan- A Child’s Love produced by J Music Productions showcases his skill as a composer with the most soulful lyric-audio combination. Fans have described the song as touching, deep and extremely meaningful; a tribute to mothers everywhere.

Kabbil has worked with studios such as Taaka Lee and Black Pepper Records, who have earned multiple awards in the Malaysian music scene. Black Pepper Records is responsible for the release of the song Punnagai Seithidum, which earned Kabbil national fame back in 2017, owing to the soothing background music.

He also scores event bookings through Taalam Soul of Art.

His songs can be streamed on Spotify, where he is a verified artist, with followers across Malaysia and India. (Psst- if you were curious about his vocals, check out his song Uruguthey Maruguthey).

Now, Kabbil still holds online workshops featuring the veenai and keyboard. You can sign up here. Last year, he also held music software classes, which filled up quickly, with eager students wanting to learn from the best!

Find out more about the talented musical genius’s existing and upcoming projects via Linktree.