Local Police To Set Up 24-Hour Roadblocks In Every District Across The Nation To Deter Crime

source: Malay Mail

In attempt to prevent crime, police will reportedly erect 24-hour checkpoints across the country. Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani stated that, to guarantee seamless traffic movement, the roadblocks will not be implemented during rush hours or during the day.

He urged the general population to comply and adhere to directions when navigating through these roadblocks, particularly during off-peak hours.

He also stated that the populace shouldn’t worry about the barricades, and advised them to carry on with their everyday activities as the police maintained the security of the nation.

In the statement, police noted that the roadblocks will be set up in “strategic locations in each district.” The blocks will remain in effect for an unspecified period of time, according to a news release issued this morning by the IGP.