‘Paw Life Matters’ Creates Unique Pet ID Tags That Look Like Our MyKad To Help In Finding Your Pet If Lost

(Source: Paw Life Matters)

The pain that comes with losing a pet is by far the worst feeling in the world for every pet owner. It’s hard to bear the thought of your lost furkid living in the outside world without any familiarity of home, and if they are never found, they’ll eventually become a stray.

That’s why many pet owners have taken the liberty to microchip or get a custom pet collar for their pets so they’ll be easier to track down if they’ve gone missing.

Recognising this issue and putting effort into overcoming this problem is pet supply business, Paw Life Matters as they had recently launched their first-ever creative ID for pets, which is an uncanny version of our very own MyKad, but instead, this one is called MyPet.

(Source: Paw Life Matters)

The Pet ID Tag can be hooked on collars for pets while an identical version of the IC is given to the owner so they can keep it in their wallet in case of emergencies.

It is also filled with important pet information like a lost & found contact, vet contact, allergies, microchip number & more. A picture of your pet can also be added at the side of the card too.

Another thing to note is that The MyPet card is also smaller in size compared to our real identification card so that it’ll be easier for it to be hung on your furkid’s collar.

(Source: Paw Life Matters)

We very much agree that the Paw Life Matter ID tags are unique but it doesn’t guarantee that your pet will be returned if lost despite the extensive information.

However, this small card does serve as an extra precaution and it’s still best to microchip pets or get them registered to a local council.

Nevertheless, if you’re interested in obtaining this one of a kind Pet IC, they are priced at RM35 and can be purchased on the Paw Life Matters website and Shopee.