Pastel Lite: Golden Material

source: Joshua Chay

Props to Jayzuan for his pop acumen, we found out about Paste Lite due to his recommendation early last year. Since we first featured them, Eff and Faliq have had numerous other exposures – from TimeOut KL to the now very youthful NewMan – making them that rare indie act that crosses the niche we JUICE people seem to inhabit.

Further pushing them to inevitable fame (as famous as a local indie act could get), they are fast becoming a festival favourite – having had performance spots at events the likes of Urbanscapes and Singapore’s Mosaic. And now the duo is back with making new music with the release of single ‘Gold’ off their upcoming EP.

The track doesn’t veer too far, or at all rather, from the synth pop algorithm production man Faliq had practised prior, but here he perfects it. Something felt a little off with the sound of the band after ‘Heart Drum’ that he has since fixed – the guitar lines and synths finally resonated.

Eff’s voice is unique, we can’t imagine her on anything other than a Pastel Lite track. Faliq’s production is the backbone of the band, but her trademark darkly dry lyrics and sad girl wit add to the appeal. Let’s hope Eff and Faliq know that what they have together is gold.