PAS Secretary-General Says That Having A Single Majority Race Government Is Not Racist

Source: Reuters

As Malaysians head to the polls later this year after Prime Minister Ismail Sabri dissolved parliament on Monday, political analysts have their eyes on the fight for Malay and youth votes.

The Election Commission is expected to meet this week to decide on the polling date, which must be within 60 days from the day parliament is dissolved.

In a statement today with The Vibes, PAS secretary-general Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hassan said that a government dominated by a single majority race cannot be racist.

He said this in order to push for a Malay-Muslim federal administration and claimed that a race dominated party is common and accepted anywhere else in the world.

“In this regard, PAS is of the view that the concept of political domination by a majority group in a country is not racist and unjust,” he said.

Source: Astro Awani

In every national election, the battle for the Malay-Muslim vote is the fiercest, given that the group accounts for more than 60 per cent of Malaysia’s population of 32 million.

This fight has traditionally been between UMNO and PAS, but recent political realignments mean there are now three distinct coalitions vying for the valuable Malay vote.

PAS has also allied with Bersatu to form Perikatan Nasional (PN) while the opposition Pakatan Harapan is Malay-led and has several strong Malay leaders.

Source: The Star

Takiyuddin claims that unity can be seamlessly achieved if all Malay-Muslim political outfits in the country adopt a more open-hearted approach in facing the coming general election.

In a message to UMNO, the PAS lawmaker said these parties should place greater importance on the stability of the country and the happiness of the general public ahead of the polls.

UMNO, however, declared that it will only work with PAS on the strict condition that the Islamist party sever its ties with Bersatu, whom UMNO regards as a rival.

On a separate matter, Takiyuddin has warned all PAS leaders and members to beware of their statements or making online postings, as the party gears itself into the election.

He told The Vibes that those who defy this instruction would face disciplinary action.

Source: FMT

“All members must maintain their manners and decency, per Islamic teaching. Social media postings and articles that can incite hatred and slander, must be avoided at all costs, including against political opponents.”

“It must be remembered that the party constitution has stipulated that all members must at all times practice Islamic morals and refrain themselves from taking any action against the party’s interests,” he said.

Historically, Malaysia is a multiracial country which has always sought representation for its minority races in Parliament. Only time will tell what’s to happen come GE15, but remember to register to vote if you haven’t! The pot never stops stirring.