PAS Youth Chief Says Loud Concerts Are A Way To Invite God’s Wrath & Emotionally Challenge Muslims

source: FMT

Last week, merely hours before indie pop sensation Billie Eilish‘s concert took place at the National Stadium, JUICE reported the instance of a now-deleted Instagram post published by freelance local preacher Syed Mohd Bakri Syed Ishak, whereby he claimed that the show was non-beneficial to the society, and could lead Muslims to “forget about God”.

Following that, on Friday (August 19), PAS Youth chief Ahmad Fadhli bin Shaari took to Facebook to expand a similar perspective; this time, directed at loud concerts in general.

source: Malaysia News

“Organising loud concerts is illogical, and a way of inviting the wrath of Allah SWT. Stop doing this. Do not challenge the emotions of Muslims. Authorities, please listen to the voice of Muslims before the wrath of Allah SWT comes.

“It’s not a matter of political parties, it’s not a matter of partisan political tendencies, rather, it’s a matter of religion. Muslims need to be united against against this,” he wrote.

Among netizens, the post gained a similar response to PU Syed’s prior statement- that is, a mix of disapproval and direct agreement.

Some also highlighted the many other acts set to perform on local grounds for the rest of the year- names along the lines of Justin Bieber, keshi, Boys Like Girls, and the much-anticipated BLACKPINK show next year.

source: TikTok

In this particular context, some netizens speculate that certain authorities may be against Billie Eilish due to her public support of the LGBT community.

@kefly87 Kepada Rakyat Malaysia beragama Islam insaflah hentikan sokong golongan songsang!! #billieeilish #lgbt #malaysiatiktok #masukberandafyp #viralvideo ♬ bunyi asal – Kefly87

While this assumption has not been confirmed, several clips and photos of Billie holding a pride flag onstage have circulated among local social media profiles, with many disapproving of the act.