PAS Accidentally Went on FB Live For 52 Minutes Before Cancelling The Broadcast

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source: Malaysiakini

POV: You’re waiting for an announcement from PAS, but instead you just end up staring at a bunch of chairs and microphones for 52 minutes straight…

Yesterday (August 18), PAS accidentally held an empty Facebook livestream for close to an hour before shutting it off. Facebook users were left baffled as they waited for someone to appear and initiate the broadcast.

The reason for the empty chairs and crickets in the livestream was apparently due to PAS calling off the event that was supposed to take place to announce the alleged defection of a state Amanah leader. However, it seems like someone on the team didn’t get the memo and ended up continuing the livestream anyway.

The video attracted 10,000 viewers and garnered 400 shares.

source: The Rakyat Post

After receiving multiple inquiries on the odd livestream, Selangor PAS secretary, Roslan Shahir Mohd Shahir, released a statement to Malaysiakini stating,

“Due to unavoidable circumstances, the event for a former Amanah activist to submit a PAS membership form this morning has to be postponed. However, Selangor PAS welcomes any intent by any (Amanah) party members who wish to join or return to PAS.”

Well, at least the livestream didn’t last for 2 hours like this Youtube video did…