Paintings and Sketches by David Bowie

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Via Very Private Gallery, the website has compiled the body of artwork by the late David Bowie. The archives show the artiste’s tremendous portfolio that consisted of a few self-portraits, a series of DHeads, sketches and studies, as well as a South Africa series where Bowie explored the idea of the “white ancestor” story to which he explained, “In 1995, Iman and I took our first trip to South Africa. One of the prevailing stories handed down is that when the first tribes saw the white man, they presumed they were being visited by their ancestors, as in their mythology the ancestors appear as a ghost-like white form.”

This is a self-portrait of himself inspired by the album cover of Heroes (1978):


Ancestor ll from the South Africa series:


A portrait of Iggy Pop (James Osterberg) titled Berlin landscape with JO – 1978:


More below:

David Bowie’s final album ★ (Blackstar) is available here.