Orwell by Goula/Figuera


It’s been awhile since we talked about a furniture piece. So here it goes: While all you struggling peasants are scouring IKEA’s latest catalogue (or BookBook) for the latest addition to your newly bought/rent (goodbye nourishment) SoHo condominium, we’ve amazingly stumbled upon this pretty fine piece of couch/bed amalgam that’s perfect for your brag points and flex score. This piece of furniture by Goula/Figuera, called Orwell, is a bed, sofa, and cabin hybrid that’s designed in such a way to recapture the intimacy that is sometimes lost, even within our homes (or at least that’s what they described it as, copywriters™). A good thing to note is that this piece of furniture features heavy quilts to insulate against sound and has enough space to allow it to be used either for sitting or lying down — if you catch our drift. Winks.

There’s only one problem with this piece of furniture though, we have no idea how much it is and how to get it. You could head on over here and try to contact them for the details. We’re too busy doing JUICE stuff for that.