One Huge Ass Zipline

Zip Line

Holla at our homies WE ARE KIX, ya’ll need to be getting on this shit right here. It’s absolutely insane. Part of Speed Stick’s #GearChallenge campaign, they got your favourite thrill-seeker/YouTube sensation Devin Graham aka Devin Super Tramp to take on Panama City in what they dubbed the world’s largest urban zipline. Launching off a 700-foot tall building, a group of thrill seekers went over a 10k-foot long zipline. Damn, our 9-to-5 lives sure do suck and pale in comparison to theirs. The entire stunt was filmed with a RED Dragon (the Rolls Royce of video cams, FYI.), Phantom Miro, and GoPro Hero 3+, check out the video below and then rethink your life decisions as you contemplate why you lead such a boring life. After which, head on over here, the music might calm your soul.

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