VIDEO: A First Look at Ocean’s 8 Trailer, feat. Everyone’s Fave Badass Chicks Under One Roof

Dawn of the female empowerment is slowly rising among us… and it’s kicking off 2018 with a huge bang. The highly anticipated Ocean’s series is making its return after 10 years, and this time, they’re bringing in an-all girl cast of female A-Listers.


The Ocean’s 8 trailer has gotten the whole internet buzzing and it features all of your fave actresses and the one and only, Bad Gal Riri (which you can guess why the whole internet was buzzing) as the hacker of the group – interesting casting choice.

In the upcoming movie, which features Sandra Bullock, she’ll play Danny Ocean’s sister, Debbie, and just like her brother, she is recruiting her own group of coincidentally attractive thieves to help her go on a heist at one of the most glamorised and ‘seemingly’ impossible to break into event; the annual New York’s City Met Gala.

Nothing sexier than a bunch of sexy thieves robbing a bunch of rich people at an exclusive event.

Fun fact, if you paid closer attention to the trailer, instead of the ladies, you may notice that it dropped some major details about the movie itself. A lot of people are speculating whether Danny Ocean is actually dead or alive. In the trailer, you can clearly see his name was written in the mausoleum as his estranged sister Debbie looks at it without any sad expression on her face. Perhaps he is sending her clues about his death? Or probably his death was fake?

(source: Pinterest)

Anyways, in the world of criminals and terrorists (as seen on a bunch of movies), attractive people can’t really die, unless they fake their own deaths, or at least their death remains a mystery. Either way, we all would really like to know what the movie would entail for us, and we hope it’s not one of those overly-hyped movies that turn out into a major flop.

Check out the trailer below!

Ocean’s 8 is in theatres on 8 June ’18. Stars Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina, with Rihanna and Helena Bonham Carter.