Not Just For Upping Your Selfie Game – The Vivo V5s Also Excels At Mobile Gaming

Gaming has always been an integral part of our phones, from way back when we used to play Snake on our tiny pixelated screens, up to now, with our smartphones’ advanced technological features. Keeping up with consumers’ gaming needs have been a major driving factor in the advancement of smartphones’ performance and specifications. Since complex games can be the most demanding app on your phone, it is only natural to associate a phone’s processing power to its gaming capabilities.

Mobile gaming has only continued to grow over the past few years, as game apps become easier to develop and release, and more people turn to mobile gaming for a quick, casual form of stress relief. With the evolution of button mashing goodness, taking your gaming habit mobile is often the path most chosen. Some gaming phones are already so powerful, that they can easily replace other gaming consoles.

The convenience one could get from a device that acts as a music player, a camera, and a communication device, mixed in with a gaming console to provide extra entertainment, is a remarkable experience. Whether you’re a daily smartphone user or a gamer at heart, games will always be part of our daily lives. The all new Vivo V5s takes this in mind – and is currently storming the smartphone market due to its superior gaming capabilities.

Take, for example, its high memory capacity and its unparalleled processing power. Having a large memory means having more games, and having more games means being able to try something new, whenever and wherever you want. It also means you can store games which require a high-performance device to run on – of course, they eat up more memory than your average idle clicker game. The Vivo V5s can provide you with everything you need, for both casual and serious mobile gaming, with up to 4GB of internal storage that can be further expanded with a microSD card for up to 256GB of storage capacity. And that’s not all – the Vivo V5s is also equipped with a 1.5GHz octa-core MediaTek MT6750 processor, which will save even the most hardcore gamer any rage from a lagging game or a low frame rate.

There is also the Vivo V5s’s superior battery life to consider. Smartphone battery life has been somewhat problematic for gamers recently – even casual ones, as the spike in power-bank purchases after the release of Pokemon Go has shown – because of the high performance output that mobile games often require. Phones made for gamers would undoubtedly have to include a durable battery life, which is what the Vivo V5s certainly provides. Packing a 3,000 mAh capacity battery inside, the vivo V5s allows you to stay gaming all day long (although we do suggest you take a break after every half-hour stretch of gaming to prevent you from getting a set of googly eyes).

Last but not least, the Vivo V5s provides superior audio output that will boost your gaming experience every step of the way. Whether you prefer to listen to your game’s original soundtrack, or blast your own carefully-curated gaming playlists through your earphones, the Vivo V5s is the phone for you. Its crystal-clear, 24-bit high-definition audio will ensure that you’re fully immersed in the music at any time of the day. Combined with all the other features above, the Vivo V5s is a powerhouse like no other; a gaming machine for anyone’s needs. Why miss out on the fun – get one today!

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