No Salad Tossing Allowed At This Gig With Fazz, MKNK, Eight Twelve & AYOP

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When was the last time you headed to a local gig? Well, that’s the reason why your knowledge of local music is relegated to whatever Yuna puts out once a year…

A healthy cornerstone of the local indie scene, Live Fact will be hosting a gig called Salad Party with four acts that will make your night out a heck more fun. Happening this Friday – Fazz, MKNK, Eight Twelve and Azmyl Yunor & Orkes Padu will be under one roof for one night, so don’t miss them!

By Salad Party, Live Fact mean they’ll be “serving organic, unique flavoured” acts based in the Klang Valley to you. So please y’all, don’t go tossing your salad all over the place IYKWIM.

(source: Facebook)

Here’s what you need to know about these four acts – FAZZ fuses genres of electro swing, pop, rock, and jazz to bring a unique persona on stage; Clinton aka MKNK, on the other hand, is an artist/producer who experiments with multiple genres spanning from hip hop, R&B, soul, rock and pop to create fresh a sense of familiarity and newness…

(source: MKNK FB)

Eight Twelve who combine elements of Chinese and Western music, utilising the piano, guzheng, pipa, sheng, violin, flute, drums and bass. Expect an exploratory journey into innovative sounds covering genres such as classical, oldies, jazz, and pop.

Acclaimed Malaysian folk-rock pioneer Azmyl Yunor will be back with band Orkes Padu after his recent stint with The Truly Asia–another backing band of Azmyl’s–the man has a lot of bands! Featuring a rotating cast of talented, veteran musicians from the indie music scene, Orkes Padu provide a steady foundation to Azmyl’s hooky melodies and sharp witted tracks based on the singer-songwriter’s trademark bi-lingual, heartfelt observations about Malaysian cultural politics.

For more info, visit the event page, here.

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