Nigerian Playboy Brings Six of His Babies’ Mamas as Dates to a Wedding

source: Pretty Mike (Instagram)

It’s normal to bring a plus one to a wedding, it’s even normal to not want to attend weddings at all, but a Nigerian playboy had no problems bringing not one, but six pregnant women as his dates. And the women have one thing in common, their babies’ father is none other than the playboy himself.

Known as Pretty Mike, the socialite and club owner attended the wedding of actor William Uchemba and claimed he impregnated all six women, Daily Star reported.

As if showing up at a wedding with six babies’ mamas doesn’t make him stand out enough, he wore a hot pink suit while the moms-to-be all donned matching silver dresses.

source: Pretty Mike (Instagram)

Photos of the incident quickly went viral and as always, people of the internet had something to say about Pretty Mike’s unconventional entrance.

“Pretty Mike needs to be placed in the psychiatric intensive care section, he’s obviously exhibiting some symptoms of mental illness,” one person wrote.

Another social media user said that it was a bad decision on Pretty Mike’s behalf to do that, saying that he upstaged the bride and groom for bringing those women.

“This is one reason why I must have a heavy military presence at my wedding venue – you will not come and chase clout on my special day,” joked another netizen.

Pretty Mike has a reputation for being a playboy in Nigeria and doesn’t mind sharing details of his relationships with women on social media. Last February, Mike made a bold statement saying that a beautiful woman isn’t meant for just one man. He said,

“I don’t know who needs to hear this, but a beautiful lady isn’t meant for only one man, so to keep one to yourself in this [city of] Lagos, you must be capable of doing what 11 men can do.”

Don’t know what that means, but thanks for the tip, Pretty Mike… I guess.