Newfangled Conceptual Bars Not Doing It for You? Try These ‘Uncle Pubs’

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The term ‘uncle’ is one that encompasses the more mature crowd – men and women who are in their mid-30s and all the way to geriatrics – who’d stop by these pubs and bistro during happy hours after a hard day’s work at their white-collar jobs. People come to drink and eat pub grub while enjoying some good ol’ musicians performing retro tunes; some genuine talents, some just terrifyingly cheesy.

Ol’ Skool Bistro (CLOSED)
For the Elvis Lovin’ Folks

source: Ol Skool Bistro

This venue is located along the same row as the long-standing Satellite Restaurant as well as a very crowded Kanna Curry House along Jalan Gasing. The decade old pub has two floors and is just your standard casual place for drinks, food, and music. The ceiling is adorned with Christmas bushery, and patrons have to sit on only high stools, which may present a problem for the older crowd. The bar and the stage have a neon sign promoting ‘The Good Music People’ as well as the pub’s namesake respectively. One of the main attractions of the place is the live music where the catalogue would span across different decades. From rock n’ roll to reggae, there’s a range of performers to look forward to if you want a blast-from-the-past experience when you’re slightly buzzed.

125, Jalan Gasing
Petaling Jaya
T: 012 206 6444

Waikiki Bar
Hawaiian Kitsch

source: Waikiki Bar

When we saw this place on the internet, we had to pay them a visit. A Hawaiian-themed bar? It’s just too good to be true that a place like this still exists past the ‘90s. However, it’s located at an odd place – the PJ Palms Sports Centre, and above a gym no less! But you’d be surprised that Waikiki isn’t the only F&B outlet there, for instance Out of Africa as well as a Modestos branch are located in the same area. Moving along, Waikiki just seems like a bar out of Adam Sadler’s 50 First Dates. It has rattan chairs, fishnets above the ceiling, seashells, oceanic paintwork on the walls, a fish tank, a tiki-hut bar, and a continuous stream of underwater sealife playing on the television by way of Nat Geo. Despite all this, one main feature that cements this kitsch of a place is the swimming pool in which it overlooks the area, lending the place a faux beachside ambience.

Lorong Sultan, Seksyen 52
46200 Petaling Jaya,
T: 03 7957 3040

On Line Pub
Great Food and Rock’n’Roll

source: On Line Bar

Firstly, you should not mistake this pub with the other Online Pub located in SS4. This two-decade-old institution is located just near TTDI, on the same street that curiously has quite a number of stalls and restaurants selling fish head noodles. On Line Pub is run by two brothers and the name On Line and the many train insignias are a tribute to their father. One aspect that is well-raved about regarding the pub is its Hokkien Mee, which has been said to be comparable to the ones sold at hawker stalls, as well as the many pork/boar dishes they do well – deep fried, peppered, or curried. You can choose to sit at the back of the pub at the bar to people-watch, play a game of snooker with your bud, or just simply enjoy a performance by talented rock musicians, all while sipping on a cold pint.

32, Jalan SS 20/10
Damansara Kim
47400 Petaling Jaya
T: 03 7728 0532

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