Netizens Furious Over MySejahtera Home Surveillance Mistake Despite Public Apology

Ever since the launch of MySejahtera, the app has garnered a few too many faulty bugs and glitches, and we can excuse this if it were not a program we so heavily rely on in our daily lives.

Over the weekend, yet another system malfunction threw Malaysians into a state of panic and worry.

Some users were misidentified on the app as a Person Under Surveillance (PUS) for Covid-19 and were placed under Home Surveillance Order (HSO).

Many complained about this, particularly a Twitter user who tweeted about the incident.

The tweet posted contained a screenshot from the user’s MySejahtera profile showing a HSO status, when the user hasn’t travelled anywhere and stayed home.

The tweet gained the attention of several other users who also checked their statuses and were shocked to find out that they had been misidentified as well.

MySejahtera issued an apology on the same day the tweet was posted (7 November) and informed the public that the situation has been rectified.

However, that does not discount the fact that many Malaysians were caused inconvenience, and not to mention worry for the state of their health, during the glitch.

Here are some of the responses:

It’s clear that a simple glitch in the system has caused lives to be interrupted, and imagine receiving that alert and having to tell your friends and family that you might’ve contracted the virus.

A large amount of money was invested into the making of this app, and it’s only fair that Malaysians see it improving their quality of life while living with the pandemic, instead of causing an uproar of distress.

Despite the many updates the app has had over the past year, a mistake like this should not be overlooked or taken lightly.

Might we be mindful to remember that while the vaccination rates in our country are impressive and the world is opening up again, the virus is still out there.

Glitch or not, remember to stay safe and take all necessary precautions!