“My Nipples Are Swelling”: Netizens Spam Local Athlete’s Instagram Post With Obscene Comments

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source: SayingImages.com

Sexism is a two-way street, and netizens were quick to state so and call out some social media users who left “thirsty comments” in response to a post published by local athlete Muhammad Erry Hidayat.

The weightlifter’s post depicts himself seemingly asleep next to the silver medal he earned at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, after excelling in the 73 kilogram (kg) category, one spot behind the gold medal winner from India, Sheuli Achinta.


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Clad in a figure-hugging T-shirt, Erry’s physique and bustling muscles are on full display, which unfortunately welcomed a few obscene comments from women who were accused of objectifying the athlete.

Some went so far as to say their nipples were hardening at the sight of the sportsman’s body, asserting that they wished to lay in his arms.

Many noted that the women’s actions were a form of sexual harassment and feared that the matter was being downplayed simply because Erry is neither female, nor is he a minor.

On Twitter, netizens expressed disbelief towards one particular woman who said that her body was ‘throbbing’ looking at the body of another man, even though she was already married, as her profile picture suggested.

They noted that anyone, regardless of gender, who commits sexual harassment should be prosecuted, as such comments can normalise and encourage lewd behaviour even when done jokingly.

23-year-old Erry has not directly responded to the matter, however, he did repost articles from local news agencies who discussed the issue at hand on his Instagram stories.

Seeing as the crude comments have been deleted off the post, netizens believe that the inappropriate remarks had indeed left him feeling offended and sexualised.

They also fear that this may prevent him from posting similar photos celebrating his achievements in the future.


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Yesterday, Erry posted a shirtless photo of himself with the comments turned off, a discreet yet apparent portrayal of his displeasure towards what happened.

Protect Erry at all costs 🥺

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