Crawling In the Middle of the Road, Toddler Managed A Lucky Escape

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(Source: The Star)

According to The Star, a social media post of a toddler who was found crawling in the middle road has been shared 7, 500 times. It was posted by a schoolteacher in Thailand by the name of Kittithorn Jadaeng, who almost drove over the baby while on his way to work.

He has said in his Facebook post that he saw the baby while he was approaching the bend of a road in Uthai Thani while on his way to Banmai Klong-angwa School in Ban Rai Disctrict to supervise an examination.

“The baby was in the middle of the road and if a car had been speeding past that spot while the baby was there, I don’t want to imagine what would have happened,” said Kittithorn to The Nation/Asia News Network

He found out later that the mother of the toddler was out at the time and that the father had fallen asleep at home. The schoolteacher posted the story online as a cautionary tale for others.