Convicted Ex-PM’s Son Relates His Father To Nobel Peace Prize Winner Nelson Mandela & Prophet Yusuf

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We often make comparisons with large public figures in times of hardships, but this takes the cake. Following his imprisonment, Najib Abdul Razak’s son recently came forward with a statement so outlandish that the only appropriate reaction would be “???”

Mohd Nizar Najib posted on his Facebook yesterday, saying that he would rise above the challenges similar to human rights activist and icon Nelson Mandela who fought against apartheid.

How Nelson Mandela created the conditions for success
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Quick recap: Nelson Mandela was the leader of the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa and spent 27 years in prison until 1990. During his time there he led the movement from his jail cell and worked on improving the conditions at the prison with South African officials.

He then went on to lead the African National Congress (ANC) to end apartheid and established a multiracial government. Mandela was also awarded a Nobel Peace Price and was then elected South Africa’s president.

So in short, to make such a comparison would be quite the statement.

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Mohd Nizar Najib said it was perhaps God’s way of elevating his father to a higher level, and he was confident that the Pekan MP will emerge better after serving his sentence.

“This is what happened to Prophet Yusuf, who was framed on a false charge and was elevated to a ministerial level in ancient Egypt, after he was released.”

“One thing for certain – God will not test his believers with more than what they can take.”

Nizar Najib lamented on during his speech at the Solidarity for Najib event in Pekan, recalling the time when BN lost the general election in 2018, where people said that it was the end of Najib’s political career.

“But it was not the case. Not many can rise up after being globally shamed. With the continuous pressure imposed by the courts, the Inland Revenue Board, and other quarters; not many can brave that.”

BFM News on Twitter: "1. Mohd Nizar Najib, the son of former prime minister Najib Razak, has compared his father's experience to that of Nelson Mandela and the Prophet Yusuf in the
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Back in 2013, Najib had posted on Facebook following Mandela’s death that he looked up to the late activist as a “leader among leaders”, adding that his biography, A Long Walk to Freedom, was a source of inspiration to him.

“Future generations may not fully understand the extent of Mandela’s contributions to the world but our efforts today and tomorrow will keep alive the spirit of democracy that Mandela upheld,” Najib wrote in December 2013.