Rosmah Wants To Reclaim Seized Possessions From 2018, Worth RM1.1bil With 29 Luxury Bags

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Malaysia's former first lady Rosmah sentenced to 10 years in jail for graft
Source: Berita Harian

It was just last week that Rosmah Mansor was sentenced to 10 years jail for each count of 3 charges when she was found guilty for soliciting and accepting bribes. The prison time is ordered to run concurrently from the date of judgment.

She was also fined a total of RM970mil for all charges, in default of 30 years in jail if she fails to pay.

Over the weekend it was reported that she was released on bail for RM2mil, that was allegedly paid 4 years ago when the former Prime Minister’s wife was first charged in court.

The most recent event that has conspired from this saga is that now, she is expected to return to court later this month to stake her claim on 2,436 pieces of jewellery and 29 luxury bags that were seized back in 2018.

Source: AFP

Her lawyer, Azamuddin Abdul Aziz, told The Vibes that these pieces remain in government custody, while the rest of the seized items from a forfeiture application in 2019 have been returned. It is said that all the items totalled up to RM1.1bil in value.

The items and cash were seized as they were believed to have been linked to the 1MDB scandal that has been making headlines for as long as we can remember.

Among the items seized in May 2018 was a white-gold diamond bracelet valued at RM966,750, which was initially claimed by Rosmah and Lebanese company Global Royalty Trading SAL.

However, on June 8, Rosmah relinquished her claim, and the bracelet is now being kept in Bank Negara Malaysia’s vaults. Najib has also filed claims on 7 watches, one of which was a RM466,000 Chanel watch as a birthday present for Rosmah while the couple were in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 2014.

Source: TST

Since then, both Rosmah and Najib have applied for a claim on all the assets. It should also be known that RM114 million was returned to the convicted ex Prime Minister last August, who said it was kept on behalf of UMNO. This wasn’t appealed by the prosecution.

The latest on Najib is that he was hospitalised recently, for reasons that are unknown, and that he is in stable condition. Shortly after, he conveniently filed for a royal pardon from his 12 year sentence.

What’s next for Malaysia’s most notorious couple?

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