Najib Razak Publishes Heartfelt ‘Farewell’ Message To Family On Facebook Following Guilty Verdict

source: BBC

News of former Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak being sentenced to 12 years in prison along with a RM210 million fine swept across the nation yesterday; marking a notable conclusion to a hefty, unpredictable trial.

He is now known to be the first and only Prime Minister to be jailed.

Following that, the father of 5 took to Facebook to publish a heartfelt message to his family discussing the sacrifices he made throughout his political tenure of nearly 50 years.

Alongside a photo of him lounging in bed with an infant, presumably one of his grandkids, the caption read, “My family, my grandchildren, my love. Back in 1976, Daddy became active in politics and was involved in public service full time. Up to this day, from 46 years ago.

“46 years is a long time. Daddy chose to retain nenda‘s (grandparents’) legacy, continuing nenda‘s efforts. Daddy chose to work. The world of politics and public service has its pros and cons.

“Planning development, enacting welfare policies, managing the economy, strengthening international relations, resolving crises. These challenges, when met with positive results, brought a smile to Daddy’s face. Sometimes the outcomes are not as desired. But I’d try again and again. Looking back, it was a heavy sacrifice.

“Years come and go just like that. From dawn to late at night, there are matters that need attention. Meetings, meeting guests, not being present for you all. My years have gone by; dedicated to people, public service, politics. A sacrifice I chose and made myself.

source: The Edge

“A journey that was joyful with your presence but unfortunately I overlooked a lot of things and could not always be there for you. A very sad journey illuminated by your presence but Daddy did not reciprocate.

“My family. My love. This is as far as Daddy can be with you. Daddy holds on to the teachings of Islam. If this is destined for me, then it is the plan of Allah SWT. What can Daddy and His servants do? Waiting for justice and judgment in the Court of the Hereafter.

“In this world we live temporarily, and are reawakened in the afterlife. Together, we will be happy again there. May Allah SWT protect and bless our family always with long-lasting health and wellbeing. Love you all.”

He signs off the message with “From, Daddy. This is the message daddy has left on his desk for our family.”

While comments of varying sentiments littered the comments section, a substantial portion of netizens chose to sympathise with the 69-year-old, thanking him for his contributions toward the nation.

Yesterday (August 23), in the evening, a police convoy transporting former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak arrived at the Kajang prison compound.

The prison’s entrance was tightly patrolled, and a roadblock was erected to avert the public from accessing the compound.

Police officers were also spotted managing traffic near the prison’s entrance.

A crowd was also seen forming on the road that leads to the prison, but they were eventually told to leave.