WATCH: Myvi Driver Switches Lanes While Holding Up Sign Saying “Please, Excuse Me” & “Thank You”

source: SAYS

Whenever a vehicle makes headlines or goes viral in Malaysia, most times it typically involves our beloved King of the Highway, the Myvi.

A video uploaded onto the Facebook group ‘我们是马来西亚人 We are Malaysians’ went viral showing a Myvi attempting to cut lanes.

source: Weirdkaya

In the midst of doing so, the driver held a card that read, “Please, excuse me” before turning it around and revealing the words, “Thank you” as he passed through.

If that’s not courtesy, I don’t know what is. Mind you, I’m not defending him cutting lanes, but he sure did it in a pretty polite way if I’m being honest.

source: SAYS

Is lane cutting a common Malaysian practice?

From what I’ve seen growing up here all my life, it definitely is but I can’t hate on this man after he went through the trouble of making a whole sign just to do it.

But please don’t cut lanes. In any case, you should definitely…

Check out the video below: