Have You Heard of the Newest Airline in Town? 5 Things You Need to Know About MYAirline

source: TechNave

AirAsia’s newest competition, MYAirline, has been granted its initial air service license (ASL) from the Malaysian Aviation Commission (Mavcom) and it’s effective from November 15, 2022.

The granting of ASL means that MYAirline is now authorised to sell air tickets and undertake commercial flights, via its fleet of Airbus A320-200 which are stationed Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA 2).

For those who want to know more about the upcoming rival of budget-friendly AirAsia, here are five facts about them!


1. They hope to start flying before the end of 2022

source: Facebook/MYAirline

The chief executive officer (CEO), Rayner Teo, reported that after the successful granting of ASL, they will be applying for domestic air traffic rights next.

2. Currently set for flying to local destinations

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As mentioned earlier, MYAirline has been authorised to fly with their three narrow-bodied Airbus A320, with a fourth one currently being painted. Given that each aircraft can be flown for up to 13 hours, it is anticipated that MYAirline will be able to frequently fly to local destinations, with a focus on Peninsular Malaysia.

Despite only having four aircraft as of current, the airline is eyeing to operate 50 aircraft within the next five years.

3. The airline’s aircrafts are also red

source: Facebook/MYAirline

Interestingly, MYAirline’s corporate colour is also red, just like AirAsia. The CEO stated that red turned out to be the most eye-catching colour for them, out of all the colours that they tried.

Rayner stated that despite sharing the colour with their competitor, it should not prevent them from using it as well, since there are many other airlines using red.

4. Pledged to offer superior services (No Chatbots!)

source: Facebook/MYAirline

Building upon its core values of trust, simplicity, and great customer service, MYAirline believes that they need to enhance communication with customers and on-time performance to make up for what its competitors may be lacking.

According to Rayner, “A lot of feedback that we hear is that it’s very difficult to reach the party (airline) after you purchased a flight ticket.” He further stated that “For us, we’ll ensure that our passengers will be able to communicate with us effectively.”

In order to do that, he believes that human interaction with customers is of utmost importance. Meaning, they will not be using chatbots.

Lastly, the MYAirline CEO has stated that they will ensure to deliver on-time flights. As he reported to the News Straits Times, “If we say that we’re going to operate at 7 AM, then we’ll make sure that we depart on a timely basis.”

5. Workforce

source: Facebook/MYAirline

Currently, there are 330 staff members under the airline and they are expecting to reach 500 staff members by the end of the year.


By the end of the year, we hope to get to know more about the airline and its upcoming plans. With the new competitor in sight, we are undoubtedly eager to witness where the airline’s aspirations and objectives will lead them in a few years. With that said, keep track of MYAirline’s latest updates on their Facebook page here.


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