Muntasir Mohamed’s Hip Hop-Inspired Digital Illustrations

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Even through the abstraction of colours and warped prints, one evident thread that consistently appears in the digital works of visual artist Muntasir Mohamed is that hip hop plays an influential role. His Instagram account is rife with references to music, streetwear, and most notably, there is a major leaning towards Kanye West. “I tend to listen to a lot of hip hop while working and I am also very inspired by the culture and lifestyle that is a product of hip hop,” confirmed Muntasir.


Aside from the few life-drawing classes he took four years ago, he developed his skills on his own with good ol’ practice – he even cited that the late nights he invested on growing his digital art skills and illustrations have been fruitful. Muntasir began his career with modest, monochromatic illustrations, and he’s since dwelled into colours and digital techniques that add dynamism and vigour to the images.  Additionally, Muntasir shares that he’s ventured into moving images with the aid of After Effects and Premiere Pro.

The artist is also the lead designer at Everyday Studios where he works together with his best friend and fellow artist Sharina Shahrin. In between his excited expectations for the future of the studio and his hopes of working with great creative minds, surprisingly, a dream to own a fast-food chain sits snugly with his many aspirations too. But ultimately, he hopes “to achieve some wavy things in the art world.”

And we’re sure he will.

Peep more of his work below: