“Carry Me Pls”: M’sians Are Simping Over The ‘Beefy Hunk’ Who Carried Syed Saddiq On His Shoulder

source: Utusan

You’re probably used to seeing netizens go crazy over MUDA President Syed Saddiq all over social media, but apparently if you put him on the shoulder of a muscular man, our YB fails to hoard all the attention…

Since a picture of Syed Saddiq rejoicing his reelection as Muar MP while being hoisted by two men on their shoulders surfaced online, Malaysians have been swooning over the man who was on Syed Saddiq’s left, causing the image to go viral on Twitter.

source: Twitter

A tweet of the image was first published by user @danielhvqeem and has gained nearly 13,ooo likes as of this afternoon, with netizens leaving comments along the lines of “Carry me please” and “Salam, abang baju kelabu!”

Many also asked who he is, some assuming that he may be a celebrity of some sort. Before we tell you more about him, let us first confirm that he’s not just taken, but happily married!

source: Instagram

The ‘beefy hunk’ is named Farhan Akmal, and he’s currently a volunteer for the MUDA party and a documentary photographer, who recently gave up his business position to support Saddiq in his career in politics. So far, it appears that he is relishing in his newfound duties.


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A post shared by Farhan Akmal (@lamkanahraf_)

“Many questioned my choice of career path, some praised. To be honest, when the offer came up, in my heart, I was dead set with my decision. As someone who has always been vocal about the state of Malaysia and the future that awaits the many of us young folks, I saw this as a great opportunity to finally get my hands “dirty” in politics and nation building.

“I would not have said ‘yes’ to many people. SS’ offer was a no-brainer. I have strong faith in him, his team, MUDA and the many supporters that stand with us,” he wrote on Instagram.

Sadly, recent events have presented difficulties for Farhan and the volunteer team.

“A few days ago, we were ill… We haven’t been getting enough sleep, and we’re extremely exhausted. but we have to push through,” he said in an interview with CNA, shortly after waking up from a brief nap following the protest in the evening.

So.. it appears that besides Farhan’s outward beauty, we suppose his patriotism and perseverance are equally as simp-worthy.