M’sian Who Went Viral For Being Body-Shamed Rises Above The Hate In Gorgeous New Photoshoot

Recently, an influencer by the name of Sobah Rajaai, or better known by her Instagram handle @sobahrajaaa_, went viral on Twitter when a user posted screenshots of vitriolic comments that were left on the influencer’s IG live video.

The influencer was seen applying make-up and doing close-ups to show her viewers the technique as well as the quality of the products. From there, a lot of viewers began commenting nasty insults that were targeted towards Sobah’s appearance.

Take a look:

Despite the slew of downright rancid comments from netizens, Sobah remained optimistic and kind. Once she caught wind of the post, she added her response to all the people who were calling her names.

This was her reply:

The reply translates to, “Hi, I am the person in the screenshots. Actually, I don’t mind the backlash, but sometimes it gets too much. Don’t let others be hurt by your words. I have forgiven everyone who insulted me. Thank you.”

However, the torment did not end there.

Apparently, some netizens took it way too far and even involved Sobah’s deceased father. Not only did they insult her appearance by likening her to a pig, but they even mocked Sobah’s family.

The influencer considered making a police report but decided otherwise. After inspecting the accounts that left the comments, she soon found out that most of them were still children in high school. Instead of taking further action, she decided to let it go and forgive.

Due to her gracious response, Sobah’s notifications became flooded with compliments and praises, some even apologising on behalf of the hurtful words written by other netizens.

Hopping on the positivity train were local celebrities Yuna and Aizat who shared a few encouraging words of their own.

Fast forward a week later, Sobah has risen above the hate to come out victorious and beautiful in a new photoshoot. Donning stunning outfits and striking elegant poses, Sobah’s true beauty flourishes.

This influencer proves that in times of adversity, just hold your head up high and prove the haters wrong.

Take a look at the incredible photos:


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