M’sian Man Jailed For Lying About Sexual Activities & Donating HIV-Infected Blood In SG

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source: Borneo Post Online

In accordance with the Infectious Diseases Act, a Malaysian resident of Singapore who admitted to lying about his sexual activity and HIV status when donating blood was sentenced to a three-month and two-week prison term.

The 27-year-old had filled out a donor health evaluation form in which he was questioned if he had engaged in sexual activity with another man, and whether he had had sex with more than one partner in the preceding years. Both questions elicited a “no” from him.

A medical screener from the Health Sciences Authority’s blood services division interviewed him after the questionnaire and cautioned him that any incorrect or deceptive information could result in criminal prosecution. She also advised him to contact a 24-hour hotline if he felt his blood ought not to be donated to another individual. In spite of this, he donated blood, which was later discovered to be infected with HIV.

source: LawNow

According to information provided to the court, the man had sex with his ex-girlfriend in February 2020 and a male in August 2020. His pro bono solicitors claimed he had previously worked in Singapore’s food and beverage sector but had been out of work for two years. He had lived off his savings and was given a small allowance of an unknown sum with the assistance of social workers.

Ultimately, the individual was found guilty after confessing his actions. The prosecutor from the Ministry of Health emphasised the gravity of the man’s offence, which may have rendered other people susceptible to the infection.

The incident serves as a reminder of the value of being honest in medical examinations, especially when blood donation is involved and public health is at stake.

*Cover image via WHO Africa for illustration purposes only

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