M’sian Man Forgives Woman Who Used His Misplaced Debit Card To Pay For Her Meal & Buy Groceries

Debit 3

At times, no matter how vigorously one may guard their personal belongings, accidents happen and important items get misplaced.

For this Johorean man, that item just so happened to be his debit card that he left atop the counter after paying for his meal at a restaurant. A woman came up to the counter, spotted the card, and swiftly used it to make her own payment a moment later.

The entire act, which occurred at Stadium Sultan Ibrahim, was caught on CCTV footage and released on the JDTFC Facebook page. The clip was quick to go viral, and has since been deleted.

Debit 2

World Of Buzz reported that the woman eventually returned the card to its rightful owner after using it to purchase daily supplies for her family at a convenience store.

“I am the debit card’s owner. The matter is resolved. I’m sorry; I was irresponsible in taking a picture of the menu after I’d paid in order to get breakfast for my wife the following morning. Additionally, the card’s colour matched that of the menu. All of the transactions were disclosed to me by Bank Islam. Only the third transaction caused me to react because the amount was so significant,” the man shared on the JDTFC Facebook page.

After CCTV footage of the incident began circulating online, the woman contacted the owner, and they ended up meeting for the exchange.

In response to the matter, netizens noted that while it’s great that the woman admitted her mistake, such instances could be avoided altogether with just a little compassion and honesty.

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