M’sian-French Influencer Made To Trim Lash Extensions To Meet M’sian Passport Renewal Requirements

source: Wise

Most of us are eager to travel abroad now that the Covid-19 outbreak has apparently subsided, but before the much-needed vacation comes the dreaded passport renewal process which entails us having to comply with strict standards and specific conditions, particularly when it comes to snapping the headshot photo.

Maddy Breteche-Lo, a local content creator, recently encountered the stringent criteria when renewing her Malaysian passport. She, who goes under the TikTok handle @maddybreteche, documented and shared her passport renewal experience on the app.

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Watch here if the video doesn’t load.

In the video, she explained that she understood officials were highly finicky about wearing makeup for the passport picture and went with a simple look for the appointment. However, she was still refused as her eyelash extensions were too long and therefore appeared ‘unnatural’.

She was then given the choice of returning the following day or cutting them herself by the officials, but Maddy had a flight scheduled for the next day, so she finally gave in, got a pair of scissors, and trimmed off the extensions.

She bemoaned in the video, “I’ve just butchered my eyelashes,” before going back to the counter where she begged for permission to have her picture taken, saying she was at her limit in terms of how short she could cut her eyelash extensions.

Unfortunately, Maddy also faced other problems during the renewal process.

She was asked to remove her contact lenses so the official could snap the photo. Maddy emphasised that she need them to combat her poor vision, explaining that they were a medical asset rather than a cosmetic item.

“I won’t remove my lenses. Where would I store them?” she questioned.

She was subsequently given permission by the official once she showed them that the lenses weren’t coloured contacts and did not substantially manipulate her appearance. She chuckled slightly and said, “I have to shove a finger in my eye to prove it’s not a coloured.”

Her septum piercing would have also impeded the photo-taking process, but thankfully, Maddy knew to flip the horseshoe ring inwards to conceal it without having to remove the jewellery- a useful hack commonly employed by individuals who rock the adornment.