M’sian Influencer Exposes Aliff Syukri’s Resort For Having Cockroaches, Blood-Stained Sheets & Poor Service

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(Source: Abudi Alsagoff on Facebook)

Imagine being excited about an upcoming vacation only to have it all ruined due to bad service and lack of maintenance…

That’s exactly what happened to Instagram influencer and gamer Abudi Alsagoff when he booked a vacation at a holiday resort in Janda Baik which is owned by well-known cosmetic entrepreneur, Datuk Seri Aliff Syukri.

All it took was just one Instagram video of a live cockroach running around in the fridge for the holiday resort to make headlines. Naturally, this landed Aliff Syukri in hot water as well.

During Alsagoff’s stay, he also highlighted other issues like bloodstains which were found on the sheets, a wet towel which was found in his room upon arrival and a broken toilet seat.

The Instagram influencer also took this matter to Facebook, to share more faults about the place. He stated that he was disappointed due to the price of the accommodations which did not reflect the resort’s maintenance and service.

With social media spreading the news like wildfire, the matter eventually caught the attention of Aliff Syukri himself. He then sternly told Alsagoff to take down the postings or he would take legal action.

Aliff Syukri also mentioned in the Instagram message that he had CCTV footage of Alsagoff’s attitude during his stay at the Sugeh Hill Chalets.

The entrepreneur also made it a point on Instagram where he posted a picture of his resort claiming that the place was serene and surrounded by lush nature. He even highlighted the fact that “If you are rich, don’t stay here because the toilets are outside.” Whatever that means…

Also, in a Twitter thread created by Alsagoff, other previous customers also came out to share their unpleasant experience with the resort and its services.

Although this issue is still ongoing, having a bad vacation is a real bummer and we hope that the resort improves it services so future customers will have a better experience.