Daring Duo: This M’sian Eatery Gives Noodles A Spiky Makeover With Newly-Debuted Durian Ramen

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Malaysians are stretching the boundaries of their infatuation with durian by infusing its distinctive and contentious flavour into every facet of everyday life. There appears to be no end to the inventive ways Malaysians enjoy their vice, from decadent confections that satisfy a sugary craving to bizarre toys and keychains that commemorate this prickly treat. The daring nature doesn’t end there, either…

Durian ramen, the newest innovation of Malaysian restaurant MenyaShishido, will send your taste buds on a crazy durian-filled excursion. The King of Fruits and the world of savoury noodles come together in this bold collision of flavours to create a dish that will leave you fascinated and perhaps rethinking your life decisions.

source: Yahoo Lifestyle

The durian ramen from MenyaShishido is billed as a “flavour extravaganza,” and we have to agree that seems like a culinary explosion that will balance robust brilliance with the prospect of a taste bud catastrophe.

The combination of durian flesh and their Special Tonkotsu Soup ensures an exceptionally rich texture that elevates their ramen to unprecedented peaks. Imagine an entire durian that has been emptied of all of its contents and altered into a culinary vessel for this inventive dish. The soft chashu, a flawlessly boiled egg, a scattering of spring onions, and yes, additional durian for that distinct punch, are all encased in the durian-infused broth for that final unmistakable punch as well.

source: Vietnam Posts

Even though it may sound like a cutting-edge gastronomic exploration, not everyone has been eager to accept this daring mix.

Comments like ‘Are we pushing the frontiers of good taste or just crossing the line?’ and ‘When fruit meets noodles, should we run for cover?’ have flooded the digital airwaves, creating a sense of both nervousness and intrigue in the hearts of food connoisseurs.

source: Taufulo

Love it or loathe it, MenyaShishido’s durian ramen has undoubtedly been successful in capturing the fancy of adventurous diners who are seeking the next spectacular flavour experience. Strap on your taste bud helmets and prepare to enter uncharted territory.

Will this durian-infused sensation be a harmonious symphony or a culinary nightmare? We’ll leave it to you to find out.

You can check out the rest of MenyaShishido’s extensive menu via their Instagram highlights.

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