A Delicious Affair: Meet The M’sian Couple Leading The Charge In Embracing Homegrown Chocolates

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Let’s face it, Malaysians have been missing out on the full chocolate experience.

Picture this: while our friends in Germany indulge in a whopping 11 kilograms of chocolate per year, we’re content with a measly 0.5 kilograms. It’s time to raise the chocolate bar, don’t you think?

Enter the founders of Kedai Coklat in Petaling Jaya, Michael Woo and Lee See Pin, the dynamic duo on a mission to awaken our taste buds and ignite a chocolate revolution right here on Malaysian soil. They believe it’s high time we break free from the chains of mass-produced mediocrity and embrace the rich flavours of our own homegrown cocoa delights.

With their passion for all things chocolate, Michael and See Pin have crafted an exceptional lineup of fine, artisanal treats that are set to rock our world. But they face a deliciously wicked challenge – convincing Malaysians to break away from their monotonous chocolate routine.

You see, most of us have grown accustomed to the overly sweet and milky confections lining supermarket shelves. We’ve settled for less, unaware of the treasure trove of flavours that await us in the realm of craft chocolates.

Michael puts it best when he says, “Craft chocolates offer a whole other universe of tastes, showcasing the diversity and unique characteristics of different cocoa origins. Fruity and floral notes that are rarely found in commercial chocolates? They’re just the tip of the cocoa iceberg.”

In Malaysia, the chocolate scene is dominated by big commercial players, but Michael and See Pin are determined to champion the unsung heroes—the local craft chocolate makers. When asked how our beloved nation fares in the craft chocolate world, their answer is nothing short of tantalising.

“Believe it or not, the craft chocolate movement only took off in the United States in 2010, so we’re not far behind,” they proudly reveal.

Now, here’s a mouthwatering fact: our local cocoa is top-notch! Despite the misconceptions and lack of exposure, Michael and See Pin emphasise that our Malaysian cocoa is on par with our Southeast Asian peers and even competes on the global stage. Just ask Mr. Poiman Dongkat from Kota Marudu, Sabah, and Mr. Sik Kim Soon from Machang, Kelantan, who both secured prestigious awards in the renowned 2021 Cocoa of Excellence competition.

So, why haven’t more Malaysians discovered the chocolate wonders right under their noses? Michael doesn’t shy away from the truth…

“Unfortunately, awareness of the local craft chocolate scene has been disappointingly low. These small-scale artisans often lack the marketing muscle of large corporations, making it harder for them to shine in mainstream media,” he admits.

But fear not, chocolate lovers!

In celebration of World Chocolate Day, Michael and See Pin have a scrumptious challenge for you. If you’re only going to consume 0.5 kilograms of chocolate this year, make it the crème de la crème of Malaysian craft chocolates.

Expand your palate, ignite your senses, and become a catalyst for the growth of our homegrown chocolate scene. It’s time to indulge, Malaysian-style!

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