M’sia’s First Sustainable Pot Sleeve Comes In Gorgeous Batik Prints For Your Plant Buddies At Home

(source: potsssoflove AKA our Editor’s garden – yes, he’s a part-time Plant Parent too!)

Since most of us have gotten used to spending our time at home, many have begun decorating our humble abodes with plants for that much needed proximity with nature.

Not only do plants give us extra tasks to do around the house to keep us busy, but it is also well-known for increasing joy and adding freshness in the air so we can go about our days feeling rejuvenated instead of lethargic.

Sarong Pasu on Bloomspace.co

While most people usually switch out their plastic pots for beautiful albeit pricy ceramic pots, Sarong Pasu is introducing pot sleeves to jive up your plants without breaking the bank.

It’s also a more sustainable way of adding a needed flair to an otherwise boring plastic pot.

Check out their lovely batik designs below:

Co-founder Cellini Basri first started her plant journey during the MCO with a single, humble peperomia.

From then on, she discovered that she was a natural at it and began her journey as a plant parent. In December of last year, she started Sarong Pasu.

The idea came to her when she was constantly switching up her plastic pots for terracotta and ceramic ones.

As plant owners already know, those posts can cost a pretty penny so she decided that instead of buying new ones, she can dazzle her current plastic pots with sleeves.

Pics provided by Sarong Pasu

The sustainability aspect comes from reusing the sleeves, minimising the purchase of new pots and reducing plastic waste.

Not only will you have some gorgeous ice-breakers for when guests come over, but you will be saving the environment with your Sarong Pasu sleeves as well. What more can our plant babies ask for?

Each sleeve can fit pots and planters between 16-23 inches in circumference and the width of the sleeve is 4 inches.

You are also helping out the community by purchasing from Sarong Pasu since each sleeve is carefully tailored by members of the B40.

Contrary to mass produced products in a tailor factory, these sleeves were sourced out to be sown by individual women tailors from rural Selangor and areas in Seremban.


It’s our responsibility as plant parents to give our plants the best that they deserve so if you’re interested in purchasing some cute new clothes for your plants (yes, they need them), head on over to their website to purchase your sleeves!

The brand will also have a physical debut at Rimba Market on 21 – 23 January.