M’sia First Charity Hotel at Grand Seasons KL Offers Meals, Therapy, Rooms & Walk-In Vaccinations

(Source: Malaysia Dateline)

The pandemic is not leaving anytime soon, and in these trying times we need all hands on deck to help those in need.

The Rumah Prihatin at the Grand Seasons is a 600 room house that provides food, beds, counselling services and Covid-19 vaccines to individuals who have suffered the most during the pandemic.

The hotel is located in the Grand Seasons hotel which was closed two years ago. It has since transformed into a bustling place with chefs who used to cook for large banquets now running a soup kitchen that has made 15,000 food packs for the poor and frontliners since July 15.

(Source: The Straits Times)

Psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors also occupy the building and give free counselling and therapy including financial counselling, art therapy and spiritual therapy to those in need.

As of now, 30 counselling sessions have taken place and for those who can’t be there physically, virtual sessions are offered too.

According to the hotel’s director of administration and programme Ida Harlina Ikhwan Nasir in The Straits Times, the consequence of Covid-19 has turned dire and greatly affected the urban poor.

(Source: The Straits Times)

These counselling programmes provided hope to aid those struggling with depression, stress, and anxiety amidst the pressure of the current situation. All sessions are strictly confidential to ensure the patient’s safety and comfort.

Since walk-in vaccinations have been made available, many have been getting their jabs here too.

Rumah Prihatin also offer rooms from RM30/night for people including frontliners who would need a place to stay for the night and freshen up.

(Source: Coconuts.co)

Managed by the Federal Territories Foundation, the welfare arm of the Federal Territories Ministry, alongside partners from Pulse Grand Hotel, Kuala Lumpur City Hall and Putrajaya Corporation, the building has already opened its doors to 1002 guests, administered 10,000 vaccinations and donated 4,000 food bags to the less privilege.