Mount Everest Tragedy: Repatriation Of Kedah APM Director Underway While Hawari Remains Missing

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source: The Star

Under the direction of the Foreign Ministry, the Malaysian embassy in Kathmandu is now assisting with the repatriation of Lt Col Awang Askandar Ampuan Yaacub’s body, who served as the director of the Kedah Malaysian Civil Defence Force. The Malaysia Everest 2023 (ME 2023) mission sadly resulted in the death of Lt Col Awang Askandar.

Awang Askandar, 56, was confirmed dead on Friday (May 19) after falling sometime during his climb to the peak of Mount Everest.

The Foreign Ministry declared in a statement that Lt Col Awang Askandar’s body would be transported from Mount Everest to a hospital in Kathmandu for a post-mortem examination and burial preparations. The ministry conveyed its condolences to the deceased’s family and prayed for his soul to find eternal rest.

Altitude Exploration Club organised the expedition, which also included three additional climbers as well as a member of the support team.

source: The Sun

Meanwhile, news of the disappearance of another climber, Muhammad Hawari Hashim, continues to baffle the nation. The hearing impaired 33-year-old is thought to have conquered Mount Everest and gone on to descend from Camp 4; however, no one is certain of his present location. It is reported that local law enforcement agencies are actively undertaking search operations in the area, and the Malaysian embassy is working closely with them. As the search operations progress, updates will be provided.

Initiated with the assistance of the government and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Malaysia Everest 2023 set out on a two-month mission to scale the highest mountain in the world on April 2. In addition to its climbing goals, the mission seeks to promote harmony and recognise Malaysia’s multicultural identity.

source: The Star

A fellow climber, 58-year-old Ravichandran, also told The Star that he did not know what happened to Awang nor Hawari, but he was aware that the two made the climb together.

According to him, even though they were on different teams from the late Awang Askandar and Muhammad Hawari, they often met at Everest Base Camp (EBC) to rest and drink together.

He claimed that despite being on different teams from the deceased Awang Askandar and Muhammad Hawari, they frequently gathered at Everest Base Camp (EBC) to unwind and socialise. Ravichandran also expressed his hope that Hawari’s body will be located despite the challenging weather conditions on the mountain.

Finally, he acknowledged that this tragedy had a significant negative effect on his mental health, but voiced the hope that the future generation would not be intimidated or discouraged from climbing by the news.