WATCH: Motorcyclists in Ecuador Take Dead Friend For One Last Ride in Viral Video

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How far would you go to say your final goodbyes? For this group of motorcyclists in Ecuador, they went the extra mile, quite literally.

After their friend passed away, the group decided to pull his body onto the back of a motorcycle, and give him one last ride around the block.

A recent viral video shows the deceased – Erick Cedeno, aged just 21 – being carried out of his coffin by a group of youths believed to be his close friends.

Screencaps from the viral video. (source: New York Post)

Nearby, a man revs his motorbike while waiting for Erick’s body to be hoisted atop the vehicle. Immediately afterwards, another man is shown hugging the body upright from the back, before they speed off down the road to excited cheers from bystanders.

Erick was reportedly gunned down last weekend while on the way to a loved one’s funeral, and had only been released from prison a month before, reported Malay Mail.

His group of biker friends had said that they got permission from the deceased’s family for the stunt, and that it was to say goodbye “as they should”.

Watch the video below, courtesy of New York Post:

The Ecuadorian Portoviejo district police are reportedly aware of the happening, but are not investigating as no crimes have been committed.

However, they advised members of the public not to carry out similar acts, calling it “an aberrant and unhealthy activity”, reported Daily Star.

In certains parts of the world, particularly in South America, removing deceased relatives from graves and celebrating them is considered a traditional custom. However, this particular act of vehicular salute is “the first time this has happened in the city,” said the police.

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