Mono/Poly: Meditative Fun

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source: Cee (Detour Asia)

Los Angeles-based Mono/Poly of Brainfeeder, Fly Lo’s very own record label, is stopping by Kuala Lumpur for his Asian tour this coming Friday (thanks to purveyor of good electronic music, Detour Asia). A multi-genre electronic act whose productions can be described with adjectives that range from meditative, astral, to phantasmagorical, you would be mistaken to think that Mono/Poly is a beatmaker whose live set is purely atmospheric. As JUICE discovered in our pre-event conversation with the man, not “everything [he] does is serious… it’s about having fun too!”

Imagine you’re a salesman pitching yourself as a producer, what would you say to those who are uninitiated to your music?
Have you found yourself attempting mental orgasms through various painstaking techniques with little or no success? Well now you can with Mono/Poly music!

How’s being on the road like for you?
I just arrived here in Asia on 5 July so I still have yet to play and experience the other countries. I can’t wait to eat later on today though. I hear there is good food in Asia!

Being someone who is more of a producer than a DJ (one that makes particularly atmospheric music to boot), is it a different experience when playing to a crowd in a club?
Yeah, it’s definitely a different experience. It’s not hard for me to get a crowd dancing but it’s not always my intent when I’m producing to make a crowd dance. So when I’m playing at certain places where all people want to hear is rap music that is being played on the radio, it annoys me. My approach is more catered toward the creation of sound and music as an art form and not just mindless entertainment. Though not everything I do is serious… it’s about having fun too!

You’re a spiritual person (as exemplified on Paramatma), is this influence a constant in all your music? You did say Manifestations EP lacked substance but we felt the same meditative quality to it too.
Well, Manifestations may have the same meditative quality because I made sure it was something I enjoyed before putting it out but I can’t say that it revealed any inner knowledge to me as much as Paramatma did. Those 2 records shouldn’t be compared because they serve different functions.

What is with Los Angeles and the amount of skilled beat makers there? Seems like the beat scene is almost wholly concentrated there.
It’s because LA is a very diverse place full of different cultures and so much to do. So it only makes sense that it’s a place with many skilled beat makers because it’s a very inspirational place.

Recommend us a recent producer you’re excited about recently.
Current Value. Although he is not new, his older music is ahead of its time.

What’s your set up like? Tell us your favourite piece of technology in music making.
MPC 2000xl, Ableton Live, Massive, Kontakt, FM8, Virus TI, Roland XV5050. I think the Ableton Live is my favourite piece of technology.

Being in Malaysia, most of us have only heard you on records, we don’t know what you are like live. What can we expect from your set in KL this Friday?
A great amount of energy and variations in music from funk, drum and bass, dubstep and electronic jazz!

Brought to you by Detour Asia, Mono/Poly is set to play at Milk, Bangsar this coming Friday. More details on the event here, and click here to get yourself educated on Mono/Poly.