WATCH: ‘Money Heist’ Gang Shows Up at Penang’s PPV Centre to Steal Smiles Not Vaccines

(source: Malay Mail)

The popular Spanish heist series Money Heist has returned with new episodes on Netflix and Malaysians are excitedly showing their love for the show publicly.

On Monday (6 Sept), TikTok user @iliyapengyou shared a video showing a group of four appearing at Penang’s Ixora Hotel while wearing the iconic red jumpsuit and Salvador Dali masks donned by the characters in the show.

Their intention was not to steal anything but rather to complete their second vaccination dose.

“Usually only foreigners but today a troop of Money Heists [came] to our centre,” @iliyapengyou wrote in the caption.

The group followed the proper SOPs throughout the vaccination process and their presence provided a light moment in the PPV centre.

While netizens were eager to know where the group bought their jumpsuits and masks, others were also wondering whether the Spanish TV series was worth the watch.

(source: Suara)

Another user, @IrfanSingle jokingly quipped that the gang came to the vaccination centre to steal vaccines. User @spicymekchicken said “Vaccine Heist”.

One TikTok user was curious as to how the gang of four managed to go through their vaccination without taking off their masks.

“We have already checked their identity cards and since this is their second dose, it’s not a problem,” replied another user.

A comment by @naimmura96 summarised the event well, “Malaysia’s vaccination [centre] has turned into Comic-Con“.

Take a look:

@iliyapengyouusually only foreigners but today a troop of money heists come to our centre 😂#p#pvinxora #p#pv #f#ypシ♬ Bella ciao – HUGEL Remix Extended – El Profesor