Momma Stray Cat Brings Her Babies To Meet The Woman That Helped Her & It’s So Wholesome

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Cats are one of the most loyal creatures; help them once and they’ll remember you forever.

Recently, a Canadian woman named Lisianne had the surprise of her life when the stray cat that she took care of showed up on her front porch with her six kittens that look exactly like their mother.

The cat, whose name is Usagi, had grown attached to Lisianne as she would often offer some food to the cat as it was playing in her garden. Ever since then, Usagi would constantly come back for food and some little pats on the head.

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Although Lisianne had noticed that Usagi was growing bigger, she never thought that the reason behind it was because she was pregnant. Not long after that, Usagi had given birth outside.

Chatons Orphelins Montréal, a local rescue group, had deemed Lisianne to be a lady with a big heart in their Facebook post. The fact that she watched over the cat and supplied food and water for it to the point where Usagi had even trusted her enough to introduce her to the babies shows how kind Lisianne is.

Disponibles pour adoption : Tito, Taylor, Tynie, Tyana et Tales, 3 mois passés.
Les 5 boules de poils ont été a la…

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Lisianne has decided to finally adopt Usagi and spay her so she would not get pregnant again for her safety. Whereas, the five kittens whose names are Taylor, Tynie, Tyana, Tales and Tito are under the care of local rescue group and are even up for adoption.

(Source: Love Meow)

It’s a great thing that the rescue group had swooped in to help too as the kittens were first found to be suffering from conjunctivitis and breathing issues but thankfully they are getting the treatment they need to help fix that.

We hope that these kittens will end up in a loving home and that more humans will keep up the habit of helping animals, especially stray ones.